Our Lady of Grace School - Partners in Mission
Providing a refuge for
orphaned and marginalized children 
in western Kenya

We exist solely through the generosity of our supporters.
Your gift today will change and save lives.



Our Lady of Grace School in Kisumu, Kenya is a port in a storm for nearly two hundred orphaned and vulnerable children. At this Dominican-founded K - 8 school, children get a chance in life that they were not awarded by birth nor circumstance. 90% of Our Lady of Grace graduates go on to high school and higher education -- an extraordinary percentage in Kenya, particularly for children coming from very adverse circumstances. 

Your donations have made the ongoing existence of this school possible. Your generosity is the answer to the prayers of more than 200 children. There are no words to express our gratitude for your past outpouring of support. But, thank you! We seek to raise $150,000 for this year. Please continue to pray for the children of Our Lady of Grace, and please help us with a financial contribution in 2022. 



"We Dominicans welcome and support Partners in Mission's extraordinary efforts to secure the future of Our Lady of Grace School. Our Lady of Grace School came into being in a period of turmoil and by an act of grace. The immediate crisis that led to the School's founding seven years ago has passed, but the number of orphaned, at-risk, abandoned Kenyan children has not declined. Instead, the need for Our Lady of Grace School is greater than ever. We urge all willing donors to channel their support for the School through Partners in Mission."

--Very Reverend Kenneth R. Letoile, O.P.