Our Lady of Grace School - Partners in Mission
Providing a refuge for
orphaned and marginalized children 
in western Kenya


What is "Partners in Mission to Our Lady of Grace"?

Partners in Mission: Our Lady of Grace Development Fund came into being in 2014 in response to a financial crisis. Partners in Mission (PIM) is a fund-raising initiative of faculty, parents and friends at St. Agnes Academy in Houston, Texas (a girls' college preparatory school founded by the Dominican Sisters). PIM was created for one sole purpose: to support Our Lady of Grace School's mission of providing an excellent education in the Catholic tradition for at-risk Kenyan children. Key members of Partners in Mission have assisted in the formation of Our Lady of Grace School, and they maintain strong ties with the School's current administration and faculty.

PIM is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, which ensures that all donations made through the organization are tax deductible in the United States. Literally 100% of all donations to PIM go directly to support Our Lady of Grace School.

What is the Relationship Between PIM and the Dominicans?

The Dominicans have welcomed PIM's involvement and efforts. East African Dominicans continue their spiritual support of the School (chaplaincy and religious instruction) and their current East African Vicar, Fr. Maury Schepers, O.P., provides overall guidance. The Dominicans have agreed to remain legal fiduciaries during a period of transition.

During the past two years, Partners in Mission has worked diligently with other Dominican affiliated groups to effect that transition and keep the School afloat financially. Working faithfully with Partners in Mission as a significant and vibrant partner is the Hearts Open to the World (HOW) ministry at St Denis Catholic Church in Hanover, New Hampshire. PIM is currently working to establish new, broad-based funding for OLG. Partners in Mission aspires to see the School make a successful transition to a strong Catholic school run either by an independent board (with Dominican representation) or by another religious community. 

Kami's Story

I am 15 years old and in class eight.  It is not easy going public but I am telling my story so people would know that I am a girl with dreams like any other girl. I began OLG in class one after the death of my parents.  It was fun having children of the same age who also did not have their parents. I felt like this was normal.  Soon I started getting sick and despite being treated I was not getting better. I was devastated when I learned that I was born with HIV.  The administrator and school social workers have really helped me. I feel totally loved and supported. No one has stigmatized me. The school is helping me to eat healthy.  I receive medical care whenever I am sick and they make sure I have my daily medications.  Thanks to those who support this school, I have the chance to live my dreams and make something of my future.

The PIM Mission

"Partners in Mission exists to financially enable the education and care of children at Our Lady of Grace School in Kisumu, Kenya."
--Adopted 2014 by the PIM Board


"We Dominicans support Partners in Mission's extraordinary efforts to secure the future of Our Lady of Grace School. We urge all willing donors to channel their support for the School through Partners in Mission." 

--Very Reverend Kenneth R. Letoile, O.P.